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tracing the lineage of the Silva clan
from England, Ireland, and Portugal
to the United States of America.

England, Ireland, and Portugal

The English, Irish and Portuguese Heritage


The Silva clan of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY follows:  

Antonio and Marjorie Silva would go on to have three children of their own, raising them all in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY as well.  By 1999, on the 100th anniversary of Antonio’s birth year, their descendants have spread across the U.S. throughout New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, Atlanta, and Hawaii.

Antonio Silva Lineage

Antonio Silva Citizenship Petition Application
Antonio Silva Official Citizenship Paper
Antonio Silva 1919
Antonio Silva 1933
Antonio Silva 1984

Marjorie Hawkes Lineage

1908 Birth Certificate: Marjorie Hawkes
Marjorie Hawkes and Antonio Wedding License
Marjorie Hawkes
Loretta Boylan
James Alfred Hawkes
Marjorie Hawkes and Antonio Wedding Certificate p1
Marjorie Hawkes and Antonio Wedding Certificate p2

Antonio's High School Days

Antonio Fautino da Silva, 1917 High School Graduate

Silva-Collegia Militar
1914 – Antonio may be in this photo?
Silva-Collegia Militar Hat Gloves

Antonio's Sailing Collection

Antonio Silva Sitting Boat

Coal Passer

Coal Passers
Coal Passers
Coal Passers
Coal Passers
Coal Passers
Coal Passers

U.S. Census & Other Gov. Docs

1910 Census
1920 Census
1930 Census
Antonio Silva Soc. Sec. Appl. 1936
Marjorie Silva Soc. Sec. Appl. 1942

Death Certificates

Antonio Silva Death Certificate 1985
Marjorie Silva Death Certificate 1982